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Dr. Moges Tafesse CEO and Founder

Dr. Moges Tafesse is a well-versed documentary filmmaker and trainer, whose documentary film “Dancing for Unity” was screened during the Cannes Film Festival in Nice, Monaco.

Sara Tabit – Research Coordinator and Founder

Along with more than 8 years of serving in international NGOs, Sara Tabit is also experienced in documentation of success stories and good practices, development of TV and Radio programs, narration and script writing. She is also a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumnus, Ewha Global Empowerment Program Fellow and a founder of the Ethio-mosaic Events and Festivals.

Elellan Imiru Amante – Film Section Head

With a BA in Communication Arts and a lifelong interest in film, Elellan, who has written, produced and directed shorts, is keen to contribute to the Ethiopian film and art industries.

Dagmawi Tadesse- Documentary Section Head

Former journalist and now Documentary Section Head at SHFC, Dagmawi serves as the scriptwriter of more than 10 (and counting) documentary films produced by Synergy Habesha.

Yoseph Hailu- Liaison & Marketing Coordinator

Yoseph, experienced in PR management and Communication, joined SHFC as a liaison and marketing coordinator.

Yetnayet Getachew - Editor

Graduated in Editing and Website and Multimedia Design, Yetnayet edits and directs Synergy Habesha produced documentaries and short films.

Hikame Kebede – Secretary/Cashier

Among her many duties that help SHFC run smoothly, Hikame serves as a program assistant between all the sections.

Dr. Abebe Abate- Board Chairperson

Founder and board chairperson of SHFC, Dr. Abebe Abate is specialized in Children and Youth Development.

Workalemahu Lawgalet- Admin & Finance and Production Manager

A staff member from nearly the beginning, Worka has worn many hats within SHFC, from editor to his current position as Admin & Finance and Production Manager.

Mekdim Girma: Graphics Consultant

A graduate of Ale School of Fine Art and Design at AAU, Mekdim is a creative visual artist and graphic designer who has worked on numerous print and visual media.

Tsigereda Alemu – Editor

Longtime staff member and graduate of Film Studies and Editing, Tsigereda serves as an editor and director of our TV programs, እኔ 'ምጠይቀው/My Quest and በኢትዮጵያዊት የተሰራ/Made by an Ethiopian Woman.