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What we do

Our experience across different techniques & technologies and our understanding of the various mediums of communication provides us with valuable advantage during implementation, which helps our customers achieve high visibility across all channels of communication.

Our services range from documenting your impact in documentary film format, best practice toolkits, providing audio-visual documentation of meetings & symposia to building your brand identity, and designing your corporate communication strategy.

Social documentary films

"Established to deliver your quality communication and documentation needs."

Synergy has an all-round experience and capability in producing end-to-end documentary films. From script writing to shooting to voice recording to production and post-production, Synergy has a team of experienced professionals in all aspects of social documentary filmmaking. We make documentaries that help our clients enhance their communication in the richest form of art. Our clients rely on our expertise in the concept, design and production of educational media and in our specialty in capturing the highest-quality visuals in the most advanced digital formats.

TV and Radio Program Production

Synergy is engaged in producing socially responsible and entertaining TV and radio programs. Synergy also produces promotional spots and other programs for several organizations and produces a wide range of entertaining media tailored to multiple audiences. We offer corporate clients, organizations and non-profits a wide range of production services with original content that brings their company’s messaging and brand communication to life.

Best practice documentation

"We are your storytellers."

Synergy deploys well-experienced best practice documentation professionals and researchers in order to effectively grasp and bring out the best practices of your organization. The documentation process will use qualitative research methods, which is appropriate to capture a lived experience from the perspectives of those who live it and create meaning out of it.

Organizational profile and events documentation

"You focus on implementing your projects, we document your impact."

Synergy has the most qualified talent, expertise and technology to effectively document your organization’s profile in both print and electronic media. This includes production of organizational profile and activity documentation of the various intervention programs in human service organizations in the country, including audio- visual documentation of their meetings and symposia.

Media Consultancy and Training

Synergy provides media consultancy and professional training on media advocacy for organizations that aspire to successfully make use of media for their cause. The media consultancy and training is provided by seasoned professionals with diverse experiences and relevant educational backgrounds. Synergy also provides outstanding training on computerized audio and video editing.

Brand identity and corporate communications

Effective identity design is one of the most critical steps toward establishing a consistent and successful communication strategy. Synergy has accumulated extensive experience in most areas relating to branding and identity design. Synergy develops branding policies and packages including the development of soundtrack, company fonts, colors, animation, powerpoint templates, letter heads, envelopes, success story templates, and fact sheet templates. After a thorough research, we deliver unique and original designs that will help you position your organization and lead to better brand awareness and recognition.

We develop communication strategies and offer corporate identity designs, print designs, and presentational materials and advertising designs. We develop and maintain a common style and design direction for all products, which ensures visual integrity and branding consistency.

Print media and IEC/BCC materials production

Synergy develops creative brochures and leaflets as part of the brand identity development. Synergy also produces both print newsletters, e-newsletters, magazines and billboards for several organizations. Synergy’s well experienced researchers and BCC professionals meet your organization’s IEC/BCC materials development needs and will also exceeding your expectations. Synergy’s team has a proven track record in carrying out assessments and formative research for effective IEC/BCC materials production, which is fine-tuned with evidence-based behavioral change theories and strategies. Synergy also has proven experience in job aids development.