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Synergy Habesha Films and Communications PLC is an experienced media and communications company established in 2003 G.C. at a registered pursuant to the Federal Government Commercial Registration and Licensing Proclamation and procedures thereof. Synergy Habesha Films and Communications (SHFC) has unique corporate experiences and capabilities with substantial operational staff in a variety of assignments and service delivery. Having been established with the motto “empowering community through media”, the business is an independent community media company providing 360-degree services in the areas of documentary and feature film production, best practice documentation, TV & radio program development, business brand identity, corporate communication and film equipment rental and sales.


”SHFC’s vision is to see, conscientized, empowered, and media literate society capable of getting access to, and of creating their own stories on a variety of media platforms.


SHFC’s mission is to harness the power of media, to be a voice for the voiceless and to speed up change of economic and social development in Ethiopia through information dissemination, sensitization and awareness creation as well as advocacy work through electronic and print media as a means. .

Our Belief

SHFC’s believes in the inherent potential of media with a base of empowerment to enable communities to solve their problems by themselves.


  • Professionalism
    • We are professional in the a way we deliver value to our target audience and clients. Best quality services drive our media products and services.
  • Innovation
    • We deliver excellent services; but we adapt and innovate to the need of our clients and our target groups
  • Passionate
    • We are dedicated to the development and growth of people and companies. We are passionate in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Empowerment
    • We measure our service by how much we make a difference in empowering our clients in terms of their social or economic aspects.
  • Learning
    • We are humbly to learn through hard work, innovation and willingness to redo things several times over until the desired result is achieved.